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Spherex Spherex – PAX Pod – Lemon Haze (S)

Using Personalize your vaping experience with the proprietary technology of PAX Session Control. Lemon Haze is a bright strain that can enliven any conversation, spark creativity, or enhance physical activity. Balanced with a light citrus and lemon flavor, this Sativa dominant strain has a typical haze profile related to the terpene “Terpinolene”. Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Beta Ocimene.Effects: Promotes energy & liveliness, motivates physical activity, enlivens conversations.

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Mighty Melts Mighty Melts – Cold Cure – Bahama Peel #2 (I)

Rosin extracts are made using a combination of pressure and heat to squeeze out the therapeutic resin found on the cannabis flower’s trichomes (cannabinoid and terpene-rich glands). Rosin can also be made from other starting material including bubble hash, kief, and trim. While a hair straightener can do the trick, serious extractors will use a rosin press machine or other state-of-the-art rosin tech.

Lemon Peel x Bahama Mama

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