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In The Flow

More than just another cannabis brand, In The Flow is a family owned and operated cannabis company with a passion for sustainability. They take pride in their plants so you can appreciate unique, flavorful products with peace of mind.

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Dialed In… Gummies

Our enduring passion for the finest extracts – solventless, terpene-rich hash crafted with ice, water, heat, and pressure – inspired us to redefine cannabis edibles in 2020. Recognizing the mediocrity of existing products, we championed gummies made from ice water extracted, solventless rosin, produced by our award-winning artisans.

Every week, Dialed In… Gummies introduces unique new batches, offering over 30 flavors. Sourced from Colorado’s top cultivators and rosin creators, each batch captures the essence of exotic strains. Comprehensive cannabinoid and terpene profiles are accessible via batch-specific QR codes. Thanks to our innovative sous-vide cooking technique, our gummies retain high concentrations of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, setting new standards in the cannabis industry.

We also offer Dialed In… Liquid Gummies, a live rosin-infused syrup that revolutionizes edibles. Perfect in beverages or to infuse your culinary creations, it adds a layer of versatility you never knew you craved. Our third product line is a THC+CBD 1:1 gummy, with simplified information for those who just need to relax a little.

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Cheeba Chews®

Baking trust into the edible experience.

At Cheeba Chews, every milligram matters™. We hand mix our taffy in small batches and use a multi-spectrum approach to product infusion so you get the most out of every dose.

Chews Wisely®

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Mountain High Suckers

Mountain High Suckers has produced handmade suckers and lozenges since 2009.

Not afraid to be bold, they infuse spiciness, mango and even coconut into suckers, too. As pioneers of CBD in medical marijuana products in Colorado, they make edibles that offer a more balanced effect and a wide range of benefits.

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Bud & Mary’s

As passionate people, experts, and plant scientists – we grow cannabis that is truly for the people, by the people. Consider Bud & Mary’s a home to a family of intentionally crafted medical and lifestyle cannabis brands. Family-owned, not your corporate cannabis.
Learn more at budmary.com.

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